About us - Baresoul-A minimalist skincare solution for modern women



Beautiful in your own skin

“Being a modern woman, we would like to feel confidently beautiful in our own skin”

Message from the Founders

INSPIRATION- An empowering solution to modern lifestyle




BareSoul draws inspiration from daily stories of a modern woman.

Another day of striving to “have it all”: early morning dog walk, back to back meetings from 9 to 6, social evening networking event, dinner with family, call to friends overseas, reading for tomorrow presentation. In between are switches from the dryness of air conditioners to the humidity of the outdoors. 

Having been through those days, we understand the pressure of always looking fresh and at best. We yearned for a skincare regime that is “on duty”,  like our own lifestyle.

BareSoul is hence created as an empowering minimalist solution to care for our skin as much as for our soul.


PHILOSOPHY –  The power of simplicity 

BareSoul empowers women of dynamic and fast-paced lifestyle.

Each product captures 2 integral elements: minimalism outside and potency inside. We follow a refined ritual, compact design and lightweight texture, yet formulated with high-efficiency ingredients from both science and nature working in synergy to maximize their effectiveness.



DEVELOPMENT  – When science meets tropical spirit 


PHÁT TRIỂN SẢN PHẨM  - Thiên nhiên nhiệt đới đầy màu sắc hoà quyện với y học hiện đại


In our journey, we have discovered and are amazed by South East Asia’s original and vibrant nature. The soul of its exotic tropical nature is ingrained in BareSoul’s brilliantly crafted formulation, a combination of proven cosmeceutical ingredients and original botanical extract. They undergo a rigorous testing process and manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard to transform into pure and environmentally sustainable products.

While your skin are being nourished, your mind will be transported to indulge in the vibrant tropical senses.